Thursday, December 19, 2013

Books (Don't Always) Make Great Gifts

I remember a teacher I had in middle school once complaining because her husband had given her a book for Christmas. I don't really remember the details beyond that, so I can only assume that it was either one she wasn't interested in reading or that the subject matter was somehow insulting (something with a passive aggressive title like Clean Your House and Everything in It or one of many books in that vein).

The main thing that I remember about this particular instance was that my teacher was basically admitting to us that she didn't like to read. She spent a good chunk of our class time talking about how ridiculous it was that her husband would give her a book. This was a teacher that I liked, so it was strange to me at the time to realize that she didn't like reading, which is one of my favorite activities.

As I've been doing my Christmas shopping this year, I've had a few people on my list that I've been really struggling with what to get. Part of the reason I'm struggling is that these people on my list don't like to read. Ordinarily my go-to last-minute present would be a book, but I'm running into a trap here. Not everyone likes to read.

I hate to be the person who says things like "You just haven't found the right book yet," (which is probably true in most cases) and so I've been running around trying to think of something else. I keep seeing that vision of my teacher complaining about the book she got for Christmas. I'll never understand it, but at least I can try to respect it. After all, any gift giving occasion is about being thoughtful of the person you're giving the gift to. If they don't like reading, you can't force them to change.

Personally, I've always loved getting books on any occasion, but that's just me.

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