Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Refocusing My Vision

Photo by me. Marginal Way, Ogunquit Maine.

Originally when I changed the name of this blog to "Finding My Voice" I had this idea that this described only my journey as a writer. Ironic, then that the "Finding My Voice" blog has found me eerily silent over the last few months. Maybe I felt that since I'm still unpublished no one would care to read what I had to say about writing. Maybe I just found that I didn't have enough to say on the topic. At the beginning of this year I began the 100 Books Project, which is still in progress, but because I've been living in the woods for the last 6 months (Walden style) I've been unable to post reviews of books as I finish reading them.

Thanks to a change of circumstance, I'm back online now, so I'd like to get back to work here. Thing is, there's a lot more I'd like to write about and discuss than reading and writing. Literature will still be my primary focus, but as I'm also interested in fashion, handmade crafts, nature, simple living, and food, I'll be writing about those things too. 

As a writer I think it's so important to step away from the page occasionally and indulge in the things that inspire us so that when we return to the writing we feel refreshed and excited about our work.

On another note, in my personal journey, I have been finding that exploring my own interests has helped me to better express myself and put a more solid picture of my future together. I've personally been pursuing the things that interest me as a way to help me find my voice not just as a writer but as a young adult in this world and you'll start to see more of that here on the blog.

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