Saturday, January 12, 2013

Book 2: I am the Cheese by Robert Cormier

I'm attempting to read and review 100 Books in 2013. You can read all about The 100 Books Project here.

I can't really remember when I got this book. I think I inherited it with my first bookshelf. I mean, it's probably been on the shelf since before I was old enough to read it. I just kind of kept it there because it was part of the scenery. It was so much a part of my bookshelf it seemed wrong to take it off the shelf long enough to actually read it.

Anyway, I found it when I moved my bookshelf recently, and realized that as long as I'd owned it, I'd never read it, so I decided to change that.

It's a strange book. It's definitely not what I ever thought it was going to be. It's about this kid named Adam (it's hard to gauge what age he's supposed to be, but I'd say somewhere in his early to mid teens) who is riding his bike from Monument, Massachusetts to Rutterburg, Vermont to give his father a package. Every other chapter there is a transcription from an interview between Adam and a psychologist discussing his life prior to the bike ride.

I won't give away the ending, but I will tell you that having watched Shutter Island, I figured out the ending long before I got to the end of the book. Not that that's a bad thing, necessarily. I was just left disappointed because that kind of ending leaves much to be desired. In this case, the story is left incomplete because it ends where it began. Yes, you're given enough information to fill in the blanks, but as a reader, I don't want to have to work that hard, I want to see the story unfold on the page. 

Anyway, it was a quick read and I'm glad I finally read it, but I'm not interested in reading it again. Maybe it will go back to being part of the scenery. Maybe I'll hand it down to someone who's the right age to appreciate it.

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