Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Food For Thought

The Old Man and the Sea A beautiful stop motion video summarizing the whole book. (@ Vimeo)

How to Write the Great American Novel I laughed out loud several times while reading this. It's a great way to start the weekend if you're looking for a bit of humor. (@ The Awl)

The Berenstain Bears and the Tyranny of Timeliness Goodman makes an interesting point here, writers in the past have been able to write for the sake of writing and expressing thoughts, whereas the internet has made timeliness a necessity. Readers want to know, as Goodman puts it, "not 'why this?' but 'why this, now?'" (@ The Millions)

The Role(s) of Reversal in Fiction  I love the idea of using reversal to add humor and/or tension to a scene, as in the Pride and Prejudice example. Reversal can add another layer to an otherwise simple story or scene. (@ Beyond the Margins)

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