Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Inspiration Is Everywhere

Yesterday after work, I sat down to read a bit of the non-fiction book I'd checked out from the library and subsequently ignored in favor of the Stephen King novel a friend had lent me at the same time. The book, (Permission Marketing by Seth Godin, if you're curious) is coming up on it's due date, and I wanted to say I had at least tried to read some of it before I had to renew or return.

It's a fairly interesting book, but being more than 10 years old now, it's slightly outdated. As I read, I often found my attention wandering because of this. Most of the time it was thoughts like: "AltaVista is no longer one of the most visited search engines on the Internet...I don't think. I don't know what happened to AltaVista. Maybe I should Google it..."

Sometimes though, these tangents turned into semi-productive brainstorming sessions. I love to play the "what would happen if...?" game. I think about the way that things are and imagine what would happen if one thing were different. Sometimes this results in ideas that are interesting in the moment but ultimately fade out. Other times, these ideas turn into projects. Short stories, novels, or even craft projects.

The idea I got yesterday has the potential to become a novel project, but it's too early so far to tell. I've written it down and only time will tell if it's worth following through with.

The point is that inspiration is everywhere. You just need to be reading to respond when it hits you.

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