Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Food For Thought

Why Literary Fiction Isn't Boring I found this interesting partly because this is the genre I've always been most interested in. I know that some people find it boring, but I think those people should give it another shot. (@ Guide to Literary Agents)

Literary Style: 15 Writers' Bedrooms Take a look at how the greats have lived. Some of these are reproductions or guesses but for the most part they seem pretty true to character. (@ Apartment Therapy)

You Must Engage Your Creative Side Trying new creative endeavors, even if they don't turn out well, will usually help to refresh your writing. (@ Jeff Goins, Writer)

Update: David Foster Wallace The Pale King Paperback Truth be told, I didn't buy the hardcover, but I'm still annoyed by this news. It's a new trend in publishing to add things to a book when it comes out in paperback so those who bought the hardcover feel cheated or coerced into buying a second copy. Of course the publishers have to make money, but this isn't the way to do it. If anything it's going to encourage people to buy fewer books. (@ Melville House)

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