Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Food For Thought

10 Steps to Create the Habit of Writing This is good advice for someone who is struggling to make writing a part of their daily routine. (@ Write to Done)

J.K. Rowling to Write Novel For Grown Ups This makes perfect sense -- the kids (like me) who feel they grew up with Harry Potter are now adults. (@ January Magazine)

Writers Aren't Painters, They're Magicians He's got a great point here, novels need to move. They can be beautiful and picturesque, but if the characters are acting and thinking the same way on the last page that they were on the first, the reader is going to get sick of reading long before they reach the end. (@ Nathan Bransford, Author)

The Busy Writer's Guide To Time Management I know this is one thing that I've been struggling with a lot for the past few weeks, now that I've started a new day job. (@ Author, Jody Hedlund)

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