Monday, January 23, 2012

Writing Partners...Sort of

Without getting too personal: one thing that I love about my boyfriend is that even though he's not a big reader, he is 100% supportive of my career as a novelist. 

Often, I'll mention a piece I'm working on and he'll add his thoughts on how I can run with it. A lot of the time these suggestions aren't exactly what I had in mind, but usually there's some element in there that will get me thinking. 

His ideas usually fall into the realm of sci-fi or fantasy, which is definitely not my area of expertise, but precisely for that reason, it's fun to bounce ideas off of one another and make up silly stories to go along with his ideas. 

Maybe none of these stories will turn into anything, maybe they will someday make me rich (doubtful) but either way I feel that the process heightens my creativity. I'll take a break from my own work for a few minutes to talk about these story lines with him and then when I sit back down at my desk I can look at my work with fresh eyes.

Do you have someone you can bounce ideas off of? What kinds of ideas do you come up with together?

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