Monday, January 30, 2012

Review: Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? by Mindy Kaling

Two weeks ago I moved to a new state where I didn't know many people yet and I didn't have a job. I split my time in my first week here between looking for a job and reading. On the first day where I was home by myself for the entire day I planted myself at the kitchen table just before I expected my boyfriend to come home, reading Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? in an attempt to show him that I was having fun even though I was home alone. 

It totally backfired.

Turns out he had no idea who Mindy Kaling was and thought I was trying to guilt him into coming home earlier. To quote the book, "I made the classic mistake of trying to explain why it was so funny, as though a great explanation would be the key to eliciting a huge laugh from [him]." Eventually he said, "I guess that's kind of funny."

Despite my boyfriend's dull reaction, I had a great time reading this book. It was hilarious. In the introduction, Kaling writes "This book will take you two days to read" which is completely accurate. I would have finished it sooner but I had to take breaks for things like eating and sleeping. 

I'll admit that before I started reading, I was concerned about how Kaling's humor would translate to the memoir form. After all, she mostly writes for TV shows and theater, which are meant to be spoken aloud and acted out, memoir is completely different. (When I read Tina Fey's memoir last year I had the same fear, and though I laughed several times, I occasionally felt like I was reading her opening monologue from Saturday Night Live.) 

Reading this book made me laugh out loud countless times. A few times I even had to put the book down for a minute because I was laughing so hard. One example: The one page chapter titled "Why Do Men Put Their Shoes On So Slowly?" My boyfriend is a prime example of this phenomenon and even he chuckled a bit when I read it out loud to him. (Also proof that you don't have to watch The Office or know who Mindy Kaling is to find this book funny.)

If you're looking for a good laugh, I'd highly recommend this book. In fact, I'd even probably suggest that you put down Tina's book and pick up this one. Seriously. Read this now.

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