Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Food For Thought

2011 National Book Award Winners Announced It's that time of year again: National Book Awards of course. See if your favorites won. (@ The Millions)

Has China Found the Future of Publishing? This is certainly an interesting idea. I'm not sure it would work as well in America because there's not as many limits here on what you can do on the internet and people would be better equipped to find ways around the payments, but it's worth considering. (@ The Guardian)

Anatomy of A Small Press Book Deal This post is a bit long but worth reading if you're still debating traditional publishing and self-publishing. (@ My Kingdom for a Novel)

Drop Everything and Write The most important writing advice you will ever get. Even if you don't have a deadline yet, you must make time to write no matter how crazy your schedule is. (@ Beyond the Margins)

Six Simple Questions With Junot Diaz If you don't already know who Junot Diaz is you're missing out. (@ JM Tohline)

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