Monday, October 3, 2011

Why the name change?

Formerly, this blog was titled "Don't Give Away the Ending" but as of October 2, I changed it to "Finding My Voice." Why? I felt confined by the old title.

Don't Give Away the Ending focused too heavily on reviews and I felt that I couldn't branch out into other topics that interest me. There are a lot of other topics that I would like to write about besides books that I love. 

Of course, I will still write book reviews because people will continue to write books that I love. But blogging is about starting conversations and conveying meaning to one's readers. I didn't feel like I was doing that with the old format, so I'm going to start doing something new. 

So, expect to read about MFA programs, Herman Melville, the value of writing things that may never be read, links to other articles that I find meaningful across the web and of course book reviews. 

You may not love every word I write, but I hope you'll continue to read my blog as I work on finding my voice. 

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