Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Food for Thought

The Digitalization of Reading (and Writing) This is a thoughtful piece about the ways that reading and writing are changing as our world becomes increasingly digital. (@ Aliventures)

Why Every Writer Needs As Much Editing As Possible As more and more writers become self-published the standards for editing seem to be dropping, but writers need to remember how that impacts their readers. (@ Jody Hedlund)

The Difference Between Your Current and Future Platforms An interesting post about the need for a platform as a writer and the way to explain growth to a potential publisher. (@ Writer Unboxed)

Novelists: Stop Trying to Brand Yourself Who exactly needs a brand or platform? One agent argues that novelists should focus solely on writing well and worry about the other things later. (@ Rachelle Gardner)

A Halloween Reading List Looking for some spooky stories or horror novels to read this weekend? Here's a list that's sure to make you think twice about turning out the lights. (@ The Guardian)

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