Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Food For Thought

Don't Avoid Painful Writing I recently shared a story with my writing workshop that was incredibly painful for me to write. I was terrified of what everyone would say about it, but at least one person in the workshop told me that it was a much better story than anything else I had submitted. You never know until you write it. (@ Jeff Goins Writer)

It's War Three Big Publishers Announce Plans to Share Sales Info with Authors...Just Like Amazon. The publishing industry is changing, and now with the news that Amazon is expanding its publishing imprint, I'm interested to see what happens next. (@ Melville House)

"If You Could Have Seen Her, It Was True" I think it speaks to the power of David Foster Wallace's talent and the untimeliness of his death that three years afterward people are still regularly discussing his work. Even if you haven't read any DFW this is an great piece about the line between fiction and nonfiction. (@ Full Stop)
  • Related: DFW's Letter to Harpers Demanding No Edits This just made me chuckle a bit. As an unpublished (so far) author I can't imagine ever saying something like this to an editor. (@ Huffington Post Culture)

 How To Kiss Writing Jitters Goodbye Writers at any level can learn from this post. I think we all get a little nervous about the quality of our writing but as long as we put our hearts on the page I think we can say we've done our best. (@ Jody Hedlund)

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