Monday, August 15, 2011

Food For Thought

Last week, Huffington Post Books posted an interview with Jennifer Egan about the new GoodReads book club. It's interesting to think about the way this institution will evolve as ebooks and ereaders become increasingly more popular.

Over at The Open Road Blog, Thomas E. Kennedy wrote a thoughtful essay about his relationship Andre Dubus as part one of their Critical Symposium.

For writers:

Keith Cronin posted an article on Writer Unboxed about the importance of having a strong opening in your story. I would agree with him that the first two pages of any manuscript need to give the reader a reason to keep turning the pages.

Robin Black wrote a great post discussing the things characters don't say. Dialogue is hard enough to write, but to make it realistic and convincing is an art. In this post, Robin Black discusses the ways in which including the things characters decide not to say can make their conversations more true to life.

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